On what stock exchange is Lightning eMotors traded and under what ticker symbol?

Lightning eMotors is listed on the OTC Exchange under the ticker symbol “ZEVY”.

How can I purchase shares of Lightning eMotors?

To purchase shares of Lightning eMotors, please contact a brokerage firm.

Who is Lightning eMotors’ transfer agent?

Lightning eMotors’ transfer agent is Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company.  They can be contacted at:

Address: 1 State Street, 30th Floor, New York, NY 10004-1561

Phone: +1(212) 509-4000

Email: cstmail@continentalstock.com

How do I transfer stock, change the address on my shareholder account, or replace a lost stock certificate?

If your shares are held through your brokerage account, you must contact your broker. If your shares are held directly by you in your name, please contact our transfer agent at:

Address: 1 State Street, 30th Floor, New York, NY 10004-1561

Phone: +1(212) 509-4000

Email: cstmail@continentalstock.com

When does Lightning eMotors’ fiscal year end?

Lightning eMotors operates on a calendar year that ends on December 31.

Does Lightning eMotors pay a dividend on its stock?

Lightning eMotors currently intends to retain all available funds and any future earnings to fund the development and growth of its business and to repay indebtedness, and therefore does not anticipate declaring or paying any dividends in the foreseeable future.

Does Lightning eMotors have a direct stock purchase program?

At this time, Lightning eMotors does not have a direct stock purchase program.

What is the CUSIP for Lightning eMotors’ shares?

The CUSIP for Lightning eMotors’ common stock is 53228T 101.

Where can I find all of the sec filings for Lightning eMotors? Where can I find quarterly and annual reports?

All of Lightning eMotors’ SEC filings are located on the SEC Filings page. Quarterly and annual reports are available on the Financials page or directly from the SEC at www.sec.gov.

When and where is Lightning eMotors’ next annual stockholders' meeting?

The date, time and location of the annual meeting of stockholders is announced in the company's annual proxy statement filed with the SEC and is available at: SEC Filings.

What is the relationship between GigCapital3, Inc. and Lightning eMotors?

GigCapital3, Inc. (NYSE: GIK) was a publicly-listed special purpose acquisition company formed for the purpose of effecting a business combination in the technology sector. In December 2020, GigCapital3, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement for a business combination with Lightning eMotors. In May 2021, the parties completed the business combination, GigCapital3, Inc. changed its name to Lightning eMotors Inc., and the combined company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “ZEV”.

When is Lightning eMotors’ next earnings release?

When an earnings release is scheduled, all details will be posted on the Events & Presentations page on Lightning eMotors’ investor relations website.